About Us

I created Steameup for a simple reason. I m not a big fan of clothes ironing! ☺ But that's not all! I didn't have time for ironing either since I have a business to run from home which doesn't leave me with much time for anything else.

That's when I decided to look for help online and tried to find someone who could come over to my house and do the clothes ironing for me and my family. Unfortunately my search ended with no results. I could not find anyone that could come and do the clothes ironing at my home for me and my family. How frustrating that was!

So, I dedicated myself these past few months to create a platform where people in similar situation could connect with clothes ironings experts in their area.

And I came up with Steameup! A platform which is facilitating the connection between millions of people looking for help with their clothes ironing and local ironing experts. I am happy to be the founder of this great this amazing app that is changing the lives of many and saving so much time for those with tight schedule.

I hope you feel inspired by this new online service that have blossomed through our technology.

Brigitte, Founder of Steameup